‘Who owns culture?’

“Scholarship cannot thrive if limits are placed on who can investigate the past, or if lines of investigation are shut down. The Western traditions for the production and disposition of knowledge…are the best way to research history and culture.” ERBLWhoOwnsCulture800x800“In America, Canada, Australasia and even parts of Europe, since the 1990s ‘indigenous’ people have been granted extensive control over art and artefacts in museums. Museum policies mandate the active involvement of ‘source communities’…in decisions about exhibitions, research and the care of objects.

“An unfortunate elision is made between someone’s ethnicity and their authority to speak definitively about cultural artefacts, which excludes those who do not share that ethnicity, despite their expertise.

“It has meant the disappearance from public display of important material. Artefacts are segregated and access to them limited if they are sacred or have ceremonial status. Continue reading ‘Who owns culture?’

‘Rewriting Canadian History: Quebec’

Quelle ironie! First, Quebecois nationalists rewrote Canadian history to reflect their bias; now, aboriginal nationalists are doing the same to the history of Quebec: ERBLRewritingCanadianHistory--Quebec800x800“The shortage of aboriginal issues in Quebec’s new high-school history curriculum is “unacceptable”, according to ‘First Nations’ activists…  Continue reading ‘Rewriting Canadian History: Quebec’

‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’

“To look at it, it seems like an impressive number but when you break it down to what the needs are, and also what is owed in terms of resources and the land that was taken from our people, it doesn’t really compare…”

ERBL$8.4Billion--OnlyADeposit800x800“The Liberals’ plan to spend $8.4 billion over five years to improve the lives of ‘indigenous’ people is getting mixed reviews from aboriginal leaders…

“Sheila North Wilson, Grand Chief of the northern Manitoba ‘First Nations’ group, ‘MKO’, called the money only

“a deposit on a historic reset.”

“North Wilson {a former ‘CBC Manitoba’ reporter} told ‘CTV News Channel’ that, compared to “the amount that our communities need and, you know, dreamed about,” the $8.4 billion “is not enough.”  Continue reading ‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’

‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’

“Alberta wants to develop more? Well, we will be there to stand in the way.” 

ERBLChiefsDemandSayOnClimateChange800x800“Athabasca Chipewyan Chief Allan Adams {leader of a ‘nation’ of 463 people} stormed out of the meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premiers, and ‘indigenous’ leaders on ‘climate change’ in Vancouver on March 2nd, because he said it fell to shambles.

“I think Canada’s in a ‘crisis’ and it ain’t going to get any better now. Canada failed terribly, the provinces failed terribly in regards to addressing this issue”, said an infuriated Adam.

Continue reading ‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’

‘Aboriginal Reserves Sue For $3 Billion’

“Oil-producing Saskatchewan ‘First Nations’ have launched a class-action lawsuit against the ‘Government of Canada’, claiming it mismanaged developing the resources on ‘First Nations’. ERBLAboriginalReservesSueFor3Billion800x800“The class-action lawsuit claims that the federal government owes the ‘First Nations’ an estimated $3 billion, because the government agency that is responsible for protecting their oil and gas resources has allowed the natural resources to be drained away for decades without demanding that ‘indigenous’ communities be compensated…  Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Reserves Sue For $3 Billion’

‘Backroom Deals For Public Lands’

Up until now, the court-ordered expansion of Race Based Law has been most damaging in remote areas of Canada and for most Canadians, it’s been ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. However, urban Canadians are now starting to have to deal with the ugly reality. ERBLBackroomDealsForPublicLands800x800Public lands in Vancouver have been put up for sale by the massively-indebted federal and B.C. governments — lands that could be worth as much as $3 billion — but instead of maximizing the profit for the public good by putting the lands up for bid, the governments have been in secret meetings with three aboriginal Bands for the turnover of the prime real estate.  Continue reading ‘Backroom Deals For Public Lands’

‘Taking The Economy To Court: B.C. Update’

Now, Canadian courts have enabled the lawyer-driven ‘Aboriginal Industry’ to sue both companies and individuals over land use on ‘traditional territories’ — even before a tribe has proven any connection whatsoever with the land in question, and even if the land had been previously stolen from another tribe. Let the chaos begin:ERBLTakingTheEconomyToCourt-BCUpdate800x800“Last week, the Halalt ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 205 people} filed two civil suits totalling $2.1 billion in ‘damages’ against Catalyst Paper, a pulp and paper company based in Richmond, British Columbia.

“The community claims that the company’s mill in Crofton—which has been operating for more than 59 years {and employs 578 people} —is interfering with the Halalt ‘First Nation’s ‘aboriginal rights’. In addition to the financial compensation, the ‘First Nation’ is seeking a

“permanent order to prevent Catalyst from conducting operations at the Crofton Mill”. 

Continue reading ‘Taking The Economy To Court: B.C. Update’

‘End The Inequality’

“All Ottawa has to do is stop treating people based on their race, and fund child welfare programs in ‘First Nations’ communities the same way they’re funded in every other Canadian community… It’s called equality.”ERBLEndTheInequality800x800“The federal government doesn’t need to conduct more studies and pay more consultants, bureaucrats and lawyers to figure out how to provide ‘First Nations’ communities with proper child welfare services. But that’s exactly what Ottawa is about to do in the wake of a ‘Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’ report that found the feds discriminate against aboriginal people when it comes to child welfare programs.

“Instead, all Ottawa has to do is stop treating people based on their race, and fund child welfare programs in ‘First Nations’ communities the same way they’re funded in every other Canadian community, and the problem would be solved overnight.  Continue reading ‘End The Inequality’

‘Mea Maxima Culpa: The Ruse of Political Apologies’

“It all seems a little bizarre, and a reversal of normal morality, which is…that ‘those who do harm must pay’.

“Instead, we, who did no harm, must apologize publicly for something over which we had no control, and politicians — who stand to gain by appearing morally upright — are extracting money from millions of citizens who were not even alive at the time, using it to pay off descendants who have suffered no harm, and whose only connection to the deemed sins of the past is their blood.” ERBLMeaMaximaCulpaTheRuseOfPoliticalApologies800x800-2“Is there a vague public awareness that we may be engaged in some unspecified evil at the moment, for which we could be taken to task by future generations? And if so, are we trying to alleviate the coming judgement by our children, so to speak, by apologizing now for the actions of those who came before us?

“Why else are we judging our predecessors so harshly, and in such boldly self-confident terms? Why are present-day politicians so eager to pay off survivors (or their descendants) for actions or events deemed quite normal at the time — but considered sins today — with money that is not theirs? …  Continue reading ‘Mea Maxima Culpa: The Ruse of Political Apologies’



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