‘Say NO To Segregation’

This is Canada’s Civil Rights Movement. ERBLSayNOToSegregation800x800The Civil War, 1861-1865 in The United States of America, was about freeing African slaves from Landowners in the south. White men fought white men in order to free black men.

The rich fat cats who owned the Plantations in the south didn’t want to free their slaves any more than native Chiefs want to free innocent taxpayers, who are their financial slaves, and/or grassroots aboriginals, who do not even have human rights tribunals in their own reserve culture, and were only just recently included under Canada’s Human Rights umbrella (2013). They are captives of this system of Apartheid imposed upon them through The Indian Act of Canada, and enforced by the Chiefs who benefit most from it all.

It’s time for them to have their own inner debate about the way their racism is affecting the nation and everyone in it. It’s time they dug down deep like the Americans did, and dealt with their ingrained racist, stubborn attitudes that keep this segregation and Apartheid going, at the expense of everyone, at the expense of lives. 

100 years later, the Civil Rights movement in America was about removing segregationist laws and social discrimination. In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.

Native leaders/lobbyists in Canada want segregated schools, too.
Many southern American political leaders claimed the desegregation decision violated the rights of states to manage their systems of public education, and they responded with defiance, legal challenges, delays, or token compliance. 

Sound familiar? 


Aboriginal leaders argue that everything violates their rights, and they have more “rights” than anyone else, as we all know, so they’re fighting for SEGREGATED schools, to completely take over their own school system, on other people’s dime, the very people they discriminate against.

We at END RACE BASED LAW can attest to the “education” their youth are getting, and no one is even challenging it except us here. The stories we hear are drenched in racist blame so exaggerated that too many amount to lying, but aside from that, just that kids are getting online and attacking and blaming people who are not their race, is a huge indication of what they are teaching their children, so not only are they SEGREGATIONIST in their educational pursuits, they are literally teaching racism. We hear it every single day, without fail.

They could just go to the same schools hundreds of other cultures are going to here in Canada. There is no need for them to fight so hard to segregate, and it’s not healthy for the kids to be segregated, as they validly argued during the civil rights movement.
President John F. Kennedy spoke out in favor of school desegregation, praised a number of cities for integrating their schools, and put Vice President Lyndon Johnson in charge of the President’s ‘Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity’. The Army was sent in to escort African American students to public schools that were previously designated for whites only.


“IN MANY WAYS, the drive to end segregated education and to put African American and white children in the same classrooms was the most radical and potentially far-reaching aspect of the civil rights movement.

“SUCH CHANGE WAS MEANT to alter the attitudes and socialization of children — beginning at the youngest ages — as well as end the inequality inherent in all “separate but equal” facilities, whether they were drinking fountains, public accommodations, or the schools.” 


Our kids here in Canada should all be going to school together, as equals. 

The term “ASSIMILATE” is another race segregationist buzz word used to make everyone who is not their race back off and not expect them to have to integrate or even respect Canadian law, except the laws that favour them. They get special privileges to SEGREGATE and they practice discrimination against others who are not their race in most everything they do, while the United States of America went to great lengths to try to fix that same problem. 

I cannot just walk onto any reserve, or get a job at one of their businesses on the reserve, or get tax exemptions for things they do, because of my race. I am simply not the right race. 

Here in Canada, do-gooder “white” guiltists think they are not being “racist” if they support everything natives say, do and want. It’s not that way at all.
You don’t support someone else’s racism to prove you’re not a racist. 

'Mohawk man’s house targeted in Kahnawake because of "non-Indigenous" wife': https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/625206317581605/?type=1

If you care about people, if you care about racism, if you care about the future of your country and the life you’re leaving for your children, grandchildren and beyond, please think carefully about race laws, and why we ALL need to pull together to reject and remove them from our constitution, and our agendas, psyches and attitudes. 

Aboriginals, you have to come with us into the future, we want and need you as our fellow countrymen, neighbors, teammates, co-workers, friends and family, not some race enemy. You honestly need to get over your own racism, hatreds, resentments, blame, segregationist attitudes, and come join us in the future of a unified Canada. You can do it, and we’ll all help, but we don’t want to help enable you anymore because we care too much and know it’s wrong. It’s not working for anyone except lawyers, Judges and Chiefs, and they are not better people for any of it…just richer, and we all pay, native kids the most. 

If the Aboriginal Leadership, and all the lobbyists, pundits, native supremacists, sympathizers, and loudmouths who use race blame every word they speak, would just stop their abuses against innocent taxpayers and our elected officials, — ’cause that’s all “Canada” is, is us who are not their race — then so much would change. 

It’s worth it to save grassroots aboriginals from their own corrupt system and leaders, and from the lecherous Law Profession who are raking in billions of our tax dollars allowing 600+ so-called ‘nations’ (some of only a few hundred people, if that) to take Canada, industry and government to court on a daily basis all across Canada, not making friends or being good neighbors to others at all. 


There is no good coming of what’s happening with these race laws, it’s all bad for everyone EXCEPT lawyers, Judges, and Aboriginal Chiefs. It’s highway robbery for innocent taxpayers, hardworking aboriginals included, and life never improves on reserves, as we have all seen and heard. The “Indian Industry” even uses the misery of the reserves to further shove guilt down the throats of everyone else who is not their race, except them. They never have to feel guilty, no matter how bad their leadership, greed and corruption is. 

The Aboriginals have to start to teach their children to stop saying “go home”, or that this land belongs to only their race. It’s a very serious racism problem that has to be dealt with directly by everyone now. If a so-called “white” person said that to a Sikh, the CBC would crucify them, but the natives say it every day from coast-to-coast, so let’s be equal in every direction. No more favouritism, no more special laws for anyone, no more turning a blind eye to issues so you can pretend you care. That’s not caring, that’s placating. 

END RACE BASED LAW’s purpose and philosophy is the opposite of hate, racism, or oppression of aboriginal peoples in Canada. It’s all about equality, and freeing people from the very chains that bind them to the overall hopelessness that’s nurtured and manifested, in order to fuel the lucrative “Indian Industry”– where the rich get richer and the teenage suicide rates grow higher every year.
We should all be living together under the same equal laws. 



Michele Tittler 



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