‘Real Change: $$$$$ FROM The Middle Class’

Congratulations to the CBC propaganda machine, Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLaughlin (self-appointed omnipotent leader of ALL decisions, laws, lands & peoples), all the Race Supremacist Native Leaders, and the strong-arm government unions, on their electoral victory in Canada’s 2015 leadership race.
ERBLRealChangeFROMTheMiddleClass800x800We should all be concerned how biased the CBC is with all our money, whether they were biased towards or against anyone or any party. No playing favourites — that’s not journalism, it’s propaganda.

Justin Trudeau, arguably the least qualified, least intelligent, least educated, least suited to the job of Prime Ministership of Canada in the history of our nation, will be a great puppet for the Liberal backroom boys, the “Indian Industry” lawyers, the aboriginal Chiefs for whom we do not vote, to whom he has promised the world.

On this post (below) we list the freedoms you are about to lose, and how it’s going to cost you AGAIN, to pay for things you never did to anyone, that you don’t get paid for when you’ve been affected by the exact same challenges in life. It’s all about race(ism).

NOW we will see real dictatorship in action. We don’t vote for them (aboriginal leaders) and Trudeau has promised them everything they demand, which is racist and unreasonable. They’ll all be clamouring to dominate, and everyone else will be ignored as we go to work every day and pay for their extravagant, selfish exploits…all of them, everyone listed in the first paragraph.

That is the change coming to every landowner, every industry, every business, every person in Canada who is not the right race… no one benefits unless based on race and race grievances, greed, blame, and bullying. Good times.

We are literally paying for the dismantling of our own democracy, by voting for it. It’s an irony in every direction, so please know what the results of it will be now.

On a side note, but very important because of what’s about to come, something to think about as you watch how this unfolds in our country over time… We do not have property rights in Canada, so the natives are using the treaties to claim it all, and no matter how much you’ve paid, you do not actually own your land.

Lots to learn, Canada. By the next election, we need an option to vote for REAL change, not pretend change.TrudeauAndBellegarde• “Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says his government would review, REPEAL AND AMEND ALL EXISTING LAWS THAT DO NOT ‘RESPECT’ {so-called} ‘INDIGENOUS RIGHTS’ or that were passed without ‘proper consultation’.

• “Trudeau said a Liberal government would also ensure EVERY NEW POLICY AND LAW would meet with the principles of the UN ‘Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ (UNDRIP).

“We know we are going to have to go through the books entirely and repeal and reform many pieces of legislation that do not respect the rights of {so-called} ‘indigenous peoples’ in this country”, said Trudeau, speaking during APTN’s virtual town hall series hosted by anchor Cheryl McKenzie.

“The Liberal party is fully committed to doing a complete review to ensure this relationship we need to renew is done properly and of course, the United Nations declaration is at the heart of that.”

• “Trudeau said during the town hall that a Liberal government also believes ‘FIRST NATION’ COMMUNITIES HAVE A VETO OVER NATURAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT in their {so-called} ‘territories’.
{This will produce legal chaos, as the Supreme Court already ruled that aboriginals DON’T legally have a veto over natural resource development…}

“During a segment on natural resource development, McKenzie asked Trudeau if “no meant no.”
Trudeau responded, “Absolutely”…

• “The Liberal leader also repeated his promise to invest $2.6 BILLION into core K-12 ‘First Nation’ education.

• “Trudeau said his GOVERNMENT WOULD IMMEDIATELY MOVE ON THE 94 RECOMMENDATIONS from the {one-sided} ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’, and work with the provinces to implement those that fall outside federal jurisdiction.

• “The Liberal leader…said he would also work with ‘First Nations’ to renew and revive the Martin Liberal government’s $5 BILLION ‘Kelowna Accord’. That accord died after the Conservatives took power.

• “He also said successive Canadian governments had failed to live up to the “spirit and intent” of the treaties.

“That is why I always talk about the spirit and intent of THE ORIGINAL TREATIES. They ARE FUNDAMENTALLY ABOUT ‘SHARED RESPONSIBILITY’ {Absolute fiction…} that the bounty of this land is something we should all benefit from”, said Trudeau.


–‘Trudeau: A Liberal government would repeal, amend all federal laws that fail to respect ‘indigenous rights’,
Jorge Barrera, APTN, October 15, 2015



But wait! There’s more:

• “pass legislation in consultation with ‘First Nations’ people on implementing the reforms for more transparency and accountability on reserves
{AFTER repealing the ‘Transparency Act’ that already does that…}

• “ADDITIONAL $50 million per year for post-secondary student support…

• “renew funding to support and enhance ‘indigenous languages’.

• “ensure that ‘First Nations’ have control over ‘First Nations’ education.
{Segregated education…}

–‘Main federal parties and their aboriginal platforms’,
Yahoo.com, 17 Aug, 2015


By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator
By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator

• “Repeal changes to the ‘Elections Act’ {that require I.D. to vote}.

• Create a ‘Federal Reconciliation Framework’, which will help ‘settle’ land claims and treaties.
{If this is done under the U.N. Declaration and the TRC Report — as ridiculous as it sounds — this will mean turning over the ownership of land in Canada to the aboriginals, with all other Canadians becoming ‘tenants’. We’ll go into this in detail in a future post.}

(Photo credit-Aaron Vincent Elkaim/The Canadian Press)

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