‘Playing Both Sides Of The Fence’

What constitutes a ‘traitor’? Here’s a northern Ontario chief who accepts the Canadian peoples’ money, uses aboriginal industry lawyers in Canadian courts to assert his ‘rights’ – but denies that he, or his people, are Canadians and insists that the Canadian and Ontario governments are ‘foreign’ and have no authority over his people, or the lands his ancestors surrendered via Treaty.

Now, this hypocrite has decided to “allow” polling stations on the reserves for the federal election, not only giving the Canadian citizens who reside there the chance to exercise their RIGHT to vote, but also tacitly admitting that they ARE, in fact, Canadians…

ERBLPlayingBothSidesOfTheFence800x800“A ‘First Nation’ in northeastern Ontario is welcoming polling stations for the first time in years, opting to give residents the chance to vote tactically, even though the community’s leader says they see the current federal campaign as a “foreign election.”

“The Batchewana ‘First Nation’, which comprises four reserves near Sault Ste. Marie, in recent years has not had polling stations on its {former, now-surrendered by Treaty} territory. 

{Why does CBC insist in perpetuating the lie that it’s ‘their territory’?}


“And we’ve not encouraged our people to participate in WHAT WE REFER TO AS A FOREIGN ELECTION – THE CANADIAN ELECTION.” 

“But this year, the ‘First Nation’ is ‘ALLOWING’ Elections Canada to set up voting booths. The band council has also taken the unusual step of encouraging members to vote and helping them to register. The ‘First Nation’ has an on-reserve population of about 700, according to Canadian government figures.

“Sayers said while it feels strange for his people to be choosing a government for Canada, he sees voting as a “business decision”, to ensure that Batchewana and other ‘First Nations’ have a ‘co-operative treaty partner’ in Ottawa.

“He said he hasn’t yet decided if he will cast a ballot…

“Many of Canada’s ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ view their ‘special relationship’ with the Canadian government as a ‘nation-to-nation’ one, in which many, like Sayers, are uneasy electing representatives to ‘another nation’.
{But they’re quite comfortable taking money from the Canadian people, or asserting their ‘rights’ under the Canadian Constitution…}

“Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde, whose organization is encouraging aboriginals in Canada to vote next month, said last week he has never voted in a federal election because he has been in various ‘First Nations’ leadership roles and wanted to preserve the ‘appearance of impartiality’. 

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“Moreover, Bellegarde said he was following the advice of ‘First Nations’ elders who advised him against voting, arguing the Crown has treaty obligations that must be honoured no matter which party forms government….

“But after ‘First Nations’ leaders and young people reached out to him, he said he decided to vote this time.  

“The message to me is consistent and clear: ‘It is vital that ‘First Nations’ voices be heard in every way possible, including through the ballot box. You need to be an example. You need to vote.’ ” 

“Tyrone Souliere of Garden River ‘First Nation’, east of Sault Ste. Marie, has started a group called ‘Rally the ‘First Nations’ Vote — holding voter registration clinics in communities across the region.

“Souliere said he sees voting as A TOOL IN THE WAR AGAINST ASSIMILATION of ‘First Nations’. {?!?}

“Fifty years ago, they gave us the vote. We view that as a tactical error on their part. Now we can take advantage,” he said. 

“Fifty-one ridings across Canada have been identified by the A’FN’ as potential swing ridings where, according to Bellegarde, the outcome could be determined by the turnout of aboriginal voters.”

–‘Batchewana ‘First Nation’ allows election polling stations for 1st time in years’,
CBC News, Sept. 11, 2015 {CAPS added}


Garden River 'First Nation'
Garden River ‘First Nation’

More from these ‘non-Canadians’ — Reneging On A Treaty:

Despite being bound by the terms of the 1850 Robinson-Huron Land Surrender Treaty, this dishonourable bunch {Batchewana ‘First Nation’} are now making illegal claims on surrendered land.

For instance, under “Batchewanas way of dealing with Land Issues”, we find:

“Batchewana has historically been unable to fully assert our sovereignty (post-1867) over our “original {surrendered by Treaty} territory” as a result of oppressive government relationships. As of recently {150 years later}, we as a People have recognized ‘the historic theft’ and consequent injustices and have begun a ‘reconciliation process’ with our obligations/responsibilities to our lands.

“Batchewana is taking a proactive approach to reconcile land issues and have begun ‘an aggressive reclamation process’ {‘theft’} which may or may not be consistent with “Canada’s Claims Policy”…

“For instance, we assert ‘inherent jurisdiction’ throughout ‘our’ entire {surrendered by our ancestors} territory…” 


Batchewana ‘First Nation’ Band OfficeAnd, from 2010|:
“Last week, Batchewana ‘First Nations’ Council sent Chief Dean Sayers on a mission to the ‘United Nations’ in New York City. The local Chief spoke to a representative of the Special Rapporteur on Friday April 23, 2010 at UN Headquarters…

“Chief Dean Sayers on return to Batchewana made the following statement, 

“ I found the trip to the United Nations extremely beneficial… My presentation was focussed on Canada’s ‘ill interpretation’ of our historic relationship. CANADA HAS NO CONSCIENCE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO US – which incidentally is a legally binding agreement. As Anishinabek People we should not be suffering, we have a historic agreement that was meant to maintain our quality of life. Maybe Canada doesn’t care about their obligations but the world might see the issues in a different light. 

“The ‘visiting’ {that’s delusional} colonizing government represented by Britain and today Canada have removed 98% of our land base through various conditional arrangements by way of Treaty relationships. The systemic ‘theft’ of our lands has left our people unable to maintain a quality of life that is equal to the rest of the Canadian population.

“As a result our basic human rights have been compromised. Our rights are not honoured under Canada’s current Indian act. We are penalized if we leave the Indian reserve {Why, because then you have to pay taxes?}. Our rights to hunt and fish within ‘our territory’ are either severed or challenged in the ‘visiting’ {actually, ‘permanent’} governments’ court systems.”

“… This ignorance is unacceptable in this day and age. EVERY IMMIGRANT COMING TO ‘OUR LANDS’ should be mandated to understand our ‘living relationship’. Every school curriculum should also contain major modules which help eradicate this high level of ignorance.”

–‘Batchewana Chief Takes Issues To United Nations’,
April 29, 2010 {CAPS added}


Batchewana 'First Nation' Logo
Batchewana ‘First Nation’ Logo

From 2008 – Denouncing ‘Foreign’ Courts, and Spoiling for a Fight: 

“Two members of Batchewana ‘First Nation’ are currently before the courts facing charges of hunting and fishing violations. And they shouldn’t be there, says band Chief Dean Sayers. 

“This has no business before a ‘foreign’ court,” Sayers said during a peaceful demonstration held outside the provincial court offices at the Civic Centre this morning.

“We’re demanding that the province, the Crown and their attorneys pull this matter out of ‘their’ courts,” he said. “This is ‘our {surrendered} jurisdiction’, it’s ‘our {surrendered} sovereignty’, it’s ‘our {surrendered} territory’ and we’ll deal with it.”

“Sayers said the provincial government, through the Ministry of the Environment, is exercising ‘assumed jurisdiction’ {‘legal authority’} over the community’s {former} ‘traditional land’ and it cannot continue. 

“If you look at our relationship with the ‘settlers’ via  different treaties and agreements you will notice that we never gave up our obligation to the Creator {???},” Sayers said. “As we speak today, there are a couple members of Batchewana ‘First Nation’ that are accountable to the Creator and not to the government of Ontario for their actions.” {Is that the same as only answering to Allah?}

“Sayers said the group of Batchewana ‘First Nation’ members gathered by the west entrance of the Civic Centre this morning were there to drum, sing, smudge and burn the sacred medicines so the province will be reminded that it’s a ‘foreign government’ on {former} Batchewana ‘First Nation’ territory and should ‘conduct itself accordingly’. 

“We as a ‘First Nation’ will deem when there have been infractions and we’ll compliment when there’s good things done as well,” he said. “That’s part of our responsibilities of {illegally} managing the {former} territories {in a race based fashion}.”

“Batchewana ‘First Nation’ Band Council is currently dealing ‘on its own’ with both members who are before the Provincial Court, and the infractions they’ve been charged with. One member was charged with hunting infractions, another with fishing commercially without an Ontario licence. 

“There is an assumed wrongful jurisdictional issue on the part of the province and the Crown here and we can’t let that go without contesting it,” Sayers said. {This is so dumb. It was an ONTARIO licence they were lacking, and violating PROVINCIAL hunting laws…}
“We’re demanding that these issues be pulled out of the courts and we will deal with them IF WE DEEM there is an issue.”

“There has been so much ‘harassment’ {‘law enforcement’} in the last while that it’s almost at a state of outright war with the Ontario government {because of treasonous action and behaviour, and defying the Treaties} right now,” he said. “It can’t continue and we cannot allow our people to be ‘harassed’ any more.”

“Sayers said the band plans to continue to try to ‘educate’ {‘misinform’} people about this issue and to lobby its allies including the Chiefs of Ontario, the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians as well as the Assembly of ‘First Nations’…

“Sayers said the basic problems with the courts, other than the fact that they are ‘out of their jurisdiction’ in this case, is that the legislation is ‘archaic’ {kind of like tribes?}, does not respect the current realities of ‘First Nations’ ‘rights’ under the Canadian Constitution, as well as being expensive and very slow-moving.”

–‘Batchewana ‘First Nation’ decries MNR charges’,
Carol Martin, SooToday.com, April 03, 2008  {CAPS added}


Canada - USA Border Crossing by Batchewana 'First Nation', Garden River 'First Nation', Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and the Bay Mills Indian Community
Canada – USA Border Crossing by Batchewana ‘First Nation’, Garden River ‘First Nation’, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and the Bay Mills Indian Community

The Batchewana Revision of the Treaties – Their ‘Assertion of Sovereignty’:

“In 1850, Crown Commissioner Robinson negotiated two treaties at Sault Ste. Marie, now known as the ‘Robinson Huron’ and ‘Robinson Superior’ Treaties. The original territory of B’FN’ extends into both treaty areas and B’FN’ has rights in both treaty areas…

“The Batchewana ‘First Nation’ became a signatory to the ‘Robinson Huron Treaty’ under its Chief Nebenegoching…

“B’FN’ maintains and asserts its rights to resources, resource-sharing and resource management within its ‘traditional territory’ {The treaty provides no such ’right’ – see below}. These resources are fish, including the commercial fishery and management of the B’FN’ fishery, wildlife and biosphere resource management, mines and minerals, waters and watersheds, wind {what about the sun?} and the environment…

“All concerned are PUT ON NOTICE to work with B’FN’ in future where activities, projects, policies and developments may have an impact on B’FN’ rights and interests…

“B’FN’ will take such steps as it deems necessary to ENFORCE THOSE ‘DUTIES’. Chief and Council, and the Batchewana ‘First Nation’, look forward to your cooperation.” {CAPS added}


Robinson-Superior TreatyAs we have demonstrated in previous posts, the Band has NO CLAIM on resource revenue or management in the surrendered territories through the ‘Robinson’ Treaties.

We have already examined the claims put forth by northern Ontario bands for unearned resource revenue under the ‘Robinson’ Treaties, and found them not only to be UNSUBSTANTIATED, but DELIBERATELY AND DISHONESTLY FALSIFIED:


‘Another Indian Chief Lying About Treaties’
I normally hesitate to use such a strong word as “lying”, but see what you think.

Lake Huron Regional Chief Isadore Day, in a speech on Nov.19th {2013} to “a mining workshop attended by Chiefs and leaders from Lake Huron Regional ‘First Nations'”, claimed a “treaty right” to mining royalties:
“Chief Day, Serpent River ‘First Nation’, reminded participants that Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution guarantees existing Aboriginal and Treaty rights and defines them to include “rights that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired”. 

“We have determined that 60% of mining resources in Ontario are located on ‘our traditional lands’… Currently we receive no taxes or benefits from mining on our traditional to treaty territories.

“Far too long has the mining industry and the Crown not been held to task on ‘treaty obligations’. We must develop a secretariat, respond and enforce the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850.” 

He said the ‘1850 Robinson Huron Treaty’ recognized that ‘First Nations’ had mineral rights in “their territory”, and used the following EDITED quote from the treaty text to justify his claim:

“…and should the said Chiefs and their respective Tribes at any time desire to dispose of any mineral or other valuable production thereon, the same will be sold or leased at their request…for their sole benefit, and to their best advantage.”

Hmmm, it sounds like the Chief was right… right?

Well… being an intrepid reporter with old-fashioned journalistic values, i decided to proceed with due diligence and headed off to the lonely silence of the Treaty vaults, where ‘First Nations’ fear to tread…

O.K., here we are — the ‘1850 Robinson-Huron’ treaty — and by the extra fingerprints on the cover, i can tell that someone’s been here since i last perused these contents.

So, let’s just scroll down the text until paragraph 3, where — just after SURRENDERING ALL TITLE AND INTEREST IN ALL LANDS EXCEPT THE RESERVES promised by the Crown, we find the following — this time, UNEDITED:

“And should the said Chiefs and their respective Tribes at any time desire to dispose of any part of such reservations, or of any mineral or other valuable productions thereon, the same will be sold or leased at their request by the Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs for the time being, or other officer having authority so to do, for their sole benefit, and to the best advantage.”

If they want to sell any minerals FOUND ON THE “RESERVATIONS”, they keep the proceeds:
“…SUCH RESERVATIONS, or of any mineral or other valuable productions THEREON…”

Now, let’s read Chief Day’s EDITED Treaty quote again: 

“…and should the said Chiefs and their respective Tribes at any time desire to dispose of any mineral or other valuable production thereon, the same will be sold or leased at their request…for their sole benefit, and to their best advantage.”

It seems that “any part of such reservations, or of” has been edited out, without using ‘…’ to show the edit,
thereby CHANGING THE MEANING of the Treaty clause.


And when you say it in public, that’s LYING…
‘Anishinabek have treaty rights to share mining revenues’
Canada NewsWire — SUDBURY, ON, Nov. 19, 2013


michipicoten first nationFrom 2014 – Another Batchewana dispute, this time with a neighbouring Band:

Once again, the Supreme Court’s foolish ‘interpretation’ of the Treaties is doing damage. Indian bands are now making up expanded boundaries for their so-called ‘traditional territories’ and are coming into conflict with each other — much like before the arrival of Europeans:

“Joe Buckell, the chief of Michipicoten, said he thought the boundary between the two ‘First Nations’ was clear until now. He said {‘traditional’} ‘TERRITORIES ARE BEING EXAGGERATED’ these days. 

“It all started out when {resource} revenue sharing started. People started claiming these vast territories…” 

{When does an ‘exaggeration’ become a ‘lie’? Another reason to end this nonsense – The Treaties are now an anachronism —
‘Anachronism’: “something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time”}
‘Two northern Ontario ‘First Nations’ each say a proposed wind farm is in THEIR ‘traditional territory’:

“Hearings begin this week on the environmental impact of a wind farm proposed for the shores of Lake Superior — but what won’t be discussed in those hearings is the dispute between two ‘First Nations’ as to whose territory the wind is blowing through.

{The ‘terrritory’ in dispute is CANADIAN territory…}

“The turbines are to be built near Lake Superior, in between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie.
It’s also between the Michipicoten and Batchewana ‘First Nations’, but the energy company has only partnered with Batchewana…

{It shouldn’t have to ‘partner’ with anyone except the provincial government…}

“Batchewana chief Dean Sayers said the proposed wind farm is in his ‘First Nation’s {former} territory.

“And generally, he doesn’t think firm borders need to be drawn up between communities.

{That’s why Indian tribes were almost constantly at war:
‘Before the white man came? War’:
When will they ever learn?}

“I’m not really sure that we need to go down the road in having strict lines as to who was where,” {?} he said. “The discussion has to be a lot broader than just a line in the sand.”

–‘Wind farm plans continue despite ‘First Nation’ territory dispute’,
CBC News, Mar 04, 2014 {CAPS added}


FortAndTeepeesFBOf course, all of this is because the Supreme Court decided to falsely rewrite history and foolishly ignored the ACTUAL WORDING of the ‘Robinson-Huron Treaty’ {which the 2 Indian bands signed}.

The Indians no longer own ‘territories’, except for the reserves — despite any ahistorical foolishness from our Supreme Court:

“…the said Chiefs and Principal men, on behalf of their respective Tribes or Bands, do hereby FULLY, FREELY, AND VOLUNTARILY SURRENDER, CEDE, GRANT, AND CONVEY unto Her Majesty, her heirs and successors FOR EVER, ALL THEIR RIGHT, TITLE AND INTEREST TO, and in the whole of, THE TERRITORY above described, save and EXCEPT THE RESERVATIONS set forth in the schedule hereunto annexed; which reservations shall be held and occupied by the said Chiefs and their Tribes in common, for their own use and benefit…

“…and further to allow the said Chiefs and their Tribes the full and free privilege to hunt over THE TERRITORY NOW CEDED BY THEM, and to fish in the waters thereof, as they have heretofore been in the habit of doing; SAVING AND EXCEPTING SUCH PORTIONS of the said Territory as may from time to time be sold or leased to individuals or companies of individuals, and occupied by them with the consent of the Provincial Government.” {CAPS added}

“Again, as with similar, express “non-interference” wording in the Robinson treaties, it seems inexplicable why our courts, governments and media, why our victimized natural resource industry, all seem to treat this important wording — this seemingly profound and game-changing wording — as if it doesn’t exist.”

–‘The Solid Gold Resources Case — Ontario’s Sovereignty Giveaway’,
Peter Best

This Supreme Court fraud is a massive theft from the Canadian people — not only the theft of ‘territory’ clearly belonging to the Canadian people, but the ongoing massive payments to lawyers from Canadian taxpayers, gifted to the legal profession from their fellow lawyers on the Supreme Court and resulting in idiotic cases like the wind-farm story above — while giving impetus to the xenophobic delusions of tribal remnants — all of it resulting in damage to Canada…
IMAGE: AffairsToday (UK)

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