‘Race-Based Voting’

“The ‘First Nation’ message to Canada in this election must be clear: a Harper win will cause confrontation between ‘First Nations’ and Canada, with industry caught in the middle… a Harper win will destroy the Canadian economy.”

“I don’t like voting in the federal election, but until Anishinabe is ready to pick up a gun, voting is the lesser evil… Never underestimate the white race, they have gone all over the world, taking {what} they want from other people…”

“Do not underestimate how much voters hate ‘First Nations’.”

–Grand Chief Terrance NelsonERBLRaceBasedVoting800x800It’s election time in Canada and political parties are falling all over themselves trying to prove who will go the furthest in giving in to aboriginal demands. We’ll be doing a post on that but today, we look at the hateful electoral advice that voters of aboriginal heritage are getting from their leadership – in this case, Grand Chief Terrance Nelson, grand chief of the Southern {Manitoba} Chiefs Organization, and National vice-chair of the segregationist and violence-advocating American Indian Movement: 

“As it stands today, Harper is on the road to winning his third mandate in the federal election in October… Canadians will re-elect Harper if we as ‘First Nations’ don’t change our strategy. People tend to vote for the devil they know, rather than take a chance on someone new. Harper has a commanding lead in Ontario and Alberta. Why do I predict Harper will win?

“One of the ways we allow someone we hate to win is to spread hatred of the person. In ‘First Nation’ elections, I learned not to call down another candidate; calling down someone in public, rallies their families and supporters to them. Stephen_Harper_Hitler“Canada is a white country and even the recent immigrants to Canada will vote for the Government they know. Harper resonates with white Canadians in his policies against ‘First Nations’, as he does with his position on Syria.

“White Canada loves Harper.

“In Ontario, white Canadian voters hate ‘First Nations’. Do not underestimate how much voters hate ‘First Nations’. Ipperwash and Caledonia have impact upon voters who perceive ‘First Nations’ as taking their hard-earned taxes. While Harper won’t say that publicly, quietly, that message is getting out there.

“The NDP can become the winners in this election if they focus on the need for change. The NDP must focus on the Conservatives and Liberals as scandal-ridden arrogant people who have run this country since Confederation…

“When we as ‘First Nations’ demand more funding, voters turn to Harper. The message that ‘First Nations’ receive billions in free federal funding, that taxpayers (which Harper has communicated to voters as meaning white people) see the Liberals and NDP promising more money to ‘First Nations’, they will vote for Harper’s cuts to ‘First Nations’ funding. Unless ‘First Nations’ change our message, we will help Harper to win.

Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator - Monday, January 21, 2013
Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Monday, January 21, 2013

“The ‘First Nations’ message must be clear, a Harper win will destroy the Canadian economy.

“The Keystone XL pipeline was vetoed by United States President Obama. If Harper wins in October, there will be major confrontation between ‘First Nations’ and the Harper Government.

“Bill C51, the so called anti-terrorism bill, is now Canadian law and it is meant to outlaw ‘First Nation protest’. Bill C51 is the secret police bill, a bill that allows CSIS and the RCMP to secretly monitor ‘First Nations’ because WE ACTUALLY OWN THE WEALTH that all Canadians depend upon…

J.J. McCullough
J.J. McCullough

“The ‘First Nation’ message to Canada in this election must be clear, a Harper win will cause confrontation between ‘First Nations’ and Canada, with industry caught in the middle.

“In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we hold huge leverage over the Enbridge Line Three ($7.5 billion expansion) and the TransCanada Energy East pipeline. If Harper thinks that he can cut another billion dollars from ‘First Nations’, he will isolate land-locked Alberta even more than he did with Gateway.

“In Ontario, a Harper win will ensure that the ‘Ring of Fire’ will face major opposition from ‘First Nations’.

“Regarding TransCanada XL pipeline. In 2008, as evidenced in my Facebook posts, I met with Dennis Banks in Hammon, Oklahoma and I gave ‘American Indian Movement’ information on TransCanada XL pipeline. It was an AIM member that confronted President Obama in Denver Colorado on the XL pipeline. On the Enbridge Line Three, it must go through northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and some of the most active AIM groups are in Minnesota and Wisconsin… 

“As Mulroney said in his speech, trade between Canada and United States is a million dollars a minute. Canadians need to hear the ‘First Nations’ message, a Harper win will impact Alberta and all of the Canadian economy.

“In the United States, Native American Casinos are a thirty billion dollar a year industry.
Gaming tribes in the United States contribute some of the biggest amounts of money to the campaigns of Senators and Congressional representatives. We have commitments from Native Americans that they will help ‘First Nations’ in Canada…

“In ‘First Nation’ elections, voters understand that they have only a limited amount of votes for council members and they must make a choice, to vote for friends and relatives or to vote for the leading candidates. It is a hard choice, to abandon friends and relatives.Perry Bellegarde Says - Turtle Island News“I support the NDP as the only real chance for change. This is a personal choice, the Liberals have been in power for decades and decades and they failed ‘First Nations’. It is time to give the NDP a chance….

“As Brian Mulroney stated:

“There will be no powerful explosion of development in our entire energy sector unless there is agreement among the major players and interests.”

And who are they?

–The ‘First Nations’
–The affected provinces that control the resources
–The ‘stewards of our environment’

“Without their active involvement and enthusiastic cooperation, our natural resources will remain in the ground.

“Dead as a doornail.

Illustration by Celia Krampien
Illustration by Celia Krampien

“White Canadian voters must hear our ‘First Nations’ message, if Harper wins again, expect confrontation and know one thing, we as the first people in these lands will not live in extreme artificial poverty, not peacefully, and the immigrants to our lands will not live on the wealth of our natural resources. Harper will cause conflict in this the most peaceful country in the world.”

–Terrance Nelson,
‘Harper will win the Election in October’,
September 22, 2015 {CAPS added}

Nelson, in response to a commenter on his post:

“…we have been clear with all the immigrants, come into our community peacefully, we will meet you peacefully, come in with guns, we will meet you with guns. That has always been our position as okiijida and it continues to be our position. I don’t like voting in the federal election, but UNTIL ANISHINABE IS READY TO PICK UP A GUN, VOTING IS THE LESSER EVIL. To fight physically like Mohawks have done not only means putting your life on the line, it means putting your children and community in the line of fire. Never underestimate the white race, they have gone all over the world, taking {what} they want from other people.” {CAPS added}

Paris-Tuileries Garden statue (Wikimedia)
Paris-Tuileries Garden statue (Wikimedia)

COMMENT: “This is so scary as it sounds, but we as first nations must stand together and not let this evil win, the harper government must be voted out or else we’re looking at nothing but downfall for aboriginals…”
“if he does win….let the riots commence!!!!!!
“Civil disobedience will reign and begin a catastrophic confrontation.”
“Truthfully we should own all the land Winnipeg is on! Well I want it back… To me political power is how to do it, not simple protest!”
“he is using racism and hatred to win the election and we have many sheep in Canada who are following this as well. These sheep are thriving on racism and tax dollar savings, blaming first nations for handing over tax dollars to them meanwhile they are paying for Harper and his idiots to be in office… we must vote to save the earth from the pipelines.”
“I think Terrance said it right when he said, if you are not going to pick up a gun, then really it’s not exercising sovereignty.”
“Many people of our F.N. will vote Liberal as past Liberal parties have secured that sense of entitlement for them and their family in our band office.”
“i know some ppl say why should i vote for those crazy white men they dont do anything for me..and they are still ppl like that, so go out and educate the ppl”
“I disagree – voting removes title to land and is viewed as acceptance to TERMINATION POLICIES !!!”
“Important Fact~ if we combined all of our reserves across Canada into one parcel of land…that gives us all 0.02% of land in this country. True fact, so let’s ask each other…how do we start TAKING back the 99.8% lands that were stolen from us?”
“Yep and it’s the “crazy white ppl” that are keeping First Nations in oppression.”
“why don’t I vote is it cause I live on the Rez and my grand parents told me it’s not native To vote. Or is there a law”
“First we vote Against Harper. Then we Start running native backed people in years to come. I forgot the peace maker Left this world
And then the whites came
And so we can never work together to change are nations…”
“Let’s stand together and Rise and go to War if we have to. We’ve suffer enough for generation to generation on our own nation i will stand up for what i believe and i will stand by you my people. HIYHIY blessing to yours from us. Terrance HIY HIY for sharing i truly believe we can reclaimed what was ours from the begining. HIY HIy”
“It was decided who would win long ago.”
“I used to hear a lot of talk when I was younger in different circles of becoming like that IRA and other movements to really start to exert the Indian in Canada. One Elder even told me he would like to see a group like say “The Black Robes” (ironic use of the name) to conduct visual movements to unease or upset the status quo. I really do see that happening some day…”
“Time to rise.”
“The conservatives may not be the best party in many ways. But what every First Nation grassroots person should know is that the pc party is the only one that stood up for the average band member. Yes that’s right, how? For far too many years our people demanded accountability from our leaders and received nothing. All the while the black money hole got bigger and deeper. The pc’s brought in measures to try and curtail the abuse of funding dollars. Step by step the bands’ bagmen found ways around these audits. This forced the Feds to bring in the much hated by the Chiefs “transparency bill” requiring all bands to post the bands’ audits for everyone to see. Trudeau to please the Chiefs said if he becomes PM he would kill this bill. Now that would be a huge step backwards for the people and let’s not forget all the people on many reserves who fought so hard and many paid a high price for their efforts in trying to bring in financial accountability for their people, many who lived in poverty while their councils lived the high life and traveled like jet setting millionaires. No my friends be careful of the messenger who may be trying to protect the goldmine.”terrynelson-APTNFrom 2014:
“An ‘American Indian Movement’ leader who visited Iran is now the head of a Manitoba chiefs organization.

“Terry Nelson, an AIM National vice-chair, won by two votes on the fourth ballot during an election Thursday for the next grand chief of the Southern Chiefs Organization. Nelson will serve a three-year term.

“Nelson, who was also chief of Roseau River ‘First Nation’ for eight years, visited Iran in the fall of 2012…

“Nelson said he has no worries about possibly clashing with Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt or Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“The action is here in the ‘First Nation’ communities. It is what we do, not what Valcourt and Harper do,” said Nelson. “I will meet with people in Ottawa; they are going to call me. I expect it.”…

“Nelson campaigned on the promise to create five {tax-discriminatory} ‘urban reserves’ in Winnipeg, and between eight and eleven new rural reserves in Manitoba.

“Nelson has also campaigned on the need get ‘First Nations’ off dependence on Ottawa cash through foreign investment and TAKING CONTROL OF NATURAL RESOURCES…
{Resources they do not own…}

“Nelson called for a national day of action in 2007. While the 401 Hwy in Ontario was blocked for several hours by the Mohawks, Nelson called his planned rail blockade off after then-Aboriginal Affairs Minister Jim Prentice offered to turn 75 acres of land to reserve status as part of a an over 100-year-old claim.

“Nelson said he plans to soon meet with SCO’s chiefs in camera to share “sensitive information” about how “powerful they can be.”

“Former SCO grand chief Murray Clearsky resigned over a spending scandal, and his former chief staff faces a sexual harassment human rights complaint…”

–‘AIM leader who visited Iran now grand chief of Manitoba chiefs organization’,
APTN National News, 09 Jan, 2014 {CAPS added}

‘Who Is Chief Nelson’:

“A federal court judge has ruled that the former chief and three councillors of a Manitoba aboriginal reserve used “illegitimate means,” including a “bogus” resolution, to cling to power when members of their own community threw them out of office.

“Justice James Russell ruled that Terrance Nelson ceased being chief of the Roseau River Anishinabe ‘First Nation’ on Sept. 20, 2011 — the day the community’s Custom Council removed him over his refusal to co-operate with an audit into the band’s financial affairs… {For the 2nd time – he was also removed in 2007…}

“The evidence before the Court establishes reprehensible, scandalous and outrageous conduct on the part of the Nelson Respondents,” Russell wrote in the ruling, which was released Thursday…

“A forensic audit was ordered in 2007, and Russell wrote that Nelson refused to provide the auditor with records, co-operate with the process, or attend Custom Council meetings…

“In March 2011, Nelson said a conspiracy involving federal government officials was behind the auditor’s report…

“Nelson withdrew as a candidate during the multiple rounds of voting for the chief of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ last July after receiving few votes.

“He threw his support behind Pam Palmeter….”

–‘Court rules Manitoba chief crafted a “bogus” resolution to keep power’,
The Canadian Press, Feb 24, 2013

From 2011:
‘Nelson ousted — again — in Roseau River’

“Terry Nelson, the five-term chief of southern Manitoba’s Roseau River Anishinabe ‘First Nation’, was removed from his position Sept. 20 by the community’s custom council, a body of family representatives that was put in place about 20 years ago to act as a check on the chief and council…

“Custom council member Linda Roberts said Tuesday that a by-election will be called to elect a new chief but Nelson will likely not be permitted to run.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to nominate him or allow him to run. He’s been legally removed from office,” she said.

“Linda Roberts said… the custom council…voted 9-1 to remove Nelson, with one member abstaining. She said his removal relates to his failure to accept invitations to update the custom council on finances, activities and other band governance issues.”
March 12, 2011: Nelson denies AN AUDITOR’S ACCUSATIONS that he has mismanaged millions of Roseau River ‘First Nation’ trust funds.

May 18, 2010: Nelson was accused by a band member of pulling a rifle on a 16-year-old band member. No charges were laid.

June 22, 2008: Nelson likened the people at the Pembina Valley Water Co-operative to terrorists for cutting water off to the reserve because he refused to pay the bill, which had ballooned to about $50,000.

June 1, 2007: A 23-member custom council voted to “release chief and council of their duties.” Allegations of improper use of funds, corruption and other actions that could harm band residents were the reasons cited for Nelson’s removal.” {CAPS added}


APTN File Photo
APTN File Photo

And lest we forget, also from 2007:

“Terry Nelson, chief of the Roseau River aboriginal band in southern Manitoba, seems to resent two things — racial discrimination and white people.

“Nelson said this week there’s only one way to deal with the white man:


“Forgoing the former for now, he vows to spread economic chaos this summer by blockading the CN rail line connecting eastern and western Canada. Such incendiary comments will provoke a justifiable backlash from THOSE NELSON REFERS TO AS “IMMIGRANTS.”

–“Cool heads must prevail”, John Ivison, National Post, May 18, 2007 {CAPS added}
“Mr. Nelson is a roiling mixture of bluster, determination, suspicion and contempt. He knows that the media loves controversy…

“Canadians should be “damn nervous,” he warns…
“Let me ask you a question,” he says, leaning back in his swivel chair. “Is it easier to bring native people to where Canadians are at economically or to bring Canadians down to where we’re at? And then you’ll find out what the hell it’s like … You have everything to lose. That’s why you’re really afraid,” he says, leaning forward and chuckling lightly.

“… All we have to do is show them who is boss.’ ”

“For the most part, Mr. Nelson has resigned himself to being what he calls “a bad Indian,” the kind who doesn’t kowtow to authority. He fights racism with racism, using the term “white people” because 

“when you call a white person a white person … all of a sudden they’re offended. Aren’t you?” he asks with a sly grin…

“You expect me to have faith in the Canadian government that they will do what they say they will do?” he says, barely suppressing a laugh…

“I’m not Gandhi,” Mr. Nelson says. “I’ve known violence all my life. I grew up with it. And one thing I know is that you do not run away from it.”

“He acknowledges that he has encouraged young aboriginal men to acquire military training.

“It’s better to have trained Indians than untrained ones,” he says.

“There’s a hell of a lot of people a lot worse than me,” he offers. “I’m moderate by comparison. I can guarantee that.”

–‘I’ve known violence all my life’,
SARAH HAMPSON, Toronto Globe and Mail, June 18, 2007

And from January 23, 2013:

“The ‘American Indian Movement’ is in the final stages of sanctioning a chapter in Winnipeg that is prepared for “direct” action to extract “justice” from Canada, members said Tuesday…. Former chief Terry Nelson said the pressure is going to continue to mount against Canada’s economic arteries unless the Conservative government finally comes to the table and acknowledges “FIRST NATIONS” PEOPLE ARE THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS TO THE LANDS IN CANADA.” {CAPS added}

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‘Natives big losers as ex-chief tells Iranians about Canadian ‘concentration camps’ on reserves’

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